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Company news

Which line cutting high frequency cutting efficiency is the fastest

2018-06-22 10:40:05
There are many factors that affect the efficiency of wire cutting. For example, the adjustment of high-frequency power, the choice of pulse width and the choice of pulse interval are very important.
For example, the selection of pulse intervals:
Operation method: rotating "interval tuning" knob, adjusting the size of pulse interval width, clockwise rotation interval widen, counter clockwise rotation interval width becomes smaller. When the workpieces are high, the pulse interval is appropriately increased to reduce the formation of the electrical corrosion dirt at the cutting edge, so that the machining is stable and the wire breaking is prevented. Because the width of the pulse width is determined, the interval is determined by the "interval adjustment" knob, the interval width is certain, so the interval size is to rotate the "interval fine tuning" knob. In the case of stable high frequency current indication, when rotating the "interval fine tuning" knob, the current decreases, indicating that the interval becomes larger and the current becomes larger, indicating that the interval becomes smaller.


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