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Industry news

Type and application of cable

2018-06-22 10:43:14
1. Use
This product is a series of soft cable products for mine rubber sleeves. It is suitable for power connection between shearers and similar equipment under rated voltage Uo/U 1.9/3.3KV. Most of them are used in coal mines.
Two. Conditions of use
The working temperature of the core is allowed to be 65 degrees long. The minimum bending radius of the wire is 6 times the diameter of the cable. Yellow sheathed cables must not be exposed for long periods of time under sunlight.
Nuclear class cable
Scope of application
This product is suitable for the control and signal connection cables used in the control system network of the nuclear power plant rated voltage Uo/U 0.6/1kV.
The cable conductor allows a long-term operating temperature of 90 C, and the maximum temperature of the cable conductor does not exceed 250 C when the short-circuit occurs, and the duration does not exceed 5 seconds.
When the cable is laid, the ambient temperature should be no less than 0 C.
The allowable bending radius at the time of cable laying is:
The armoured cables shall be not less than 6 times the diameter of the cables.
The cable with armored or copper tape shielding shall be not less than 12 times the diameter of the cable.
The soft cable with shielding structure should be not less than 6 times the diameter of the cable.
When the conductor's long-term allowable working temperature is not greater than 90 degrees, the life of the cable is not less than 40 years.
The finished cable should meet the requirements of class a bunched combustion test as specified in the GB/T18380.3 standard.
Product cable smoke density: light transmittance is not less than 70%.
Radiation resistance: 25 * 104Gy
Halogen free: the acidity of non-metallic materials escaping from gas when burning (pH value) should be greater than 4.3, and the conductivity is not greater than 10 S/mm.




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